Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dernier Martyr / Lifeless Sorrow / All The Cold - "The Plague Of Our Lands" [2009]

Artists: Dernier Martyr, Lifeless Sorrow, All The Cold
Title: The Plague Of Our Lands
Label: Self Mutilation Services
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: South Africa / Russia
Release date: 2009
Size: 118 mb

Track List:
  1. Follow the River, Towards the Sea...
  2. This is the Last Time He Talks to Birds...
  3. Angels' Throats
  4. Plague of our Land
  5. Of Desolate Winds
  6. Dissociative Twilight
  7. Suicidal Vapour
  8. Coldness of Another Universe
  9. Smile of the Grim
This split album features three DSBM bands - two from Russia (Dernier Martyr, All The Cold) and one from South Africa (Lifeless Sorrow). By the way, it was the first South African metal band that I heard, but I can't say much about their music - it's pretty generic lo-fi depressive black metal, and the whole compilation wouldn't be worse without their tracks. On the contrary, both Dernier Martyr and All The Cold are great (even though the vocals in Dernier Martyr's tracks are a bit annoying). I never expected such good atmospheric black metal to come from Russia! My favourite track on this split is "Coldness of Another Universe" by All The Cold - but it's not DSBM, it's rather industrial metal. And I also need to mention that this compilation is completely free from any NSBM crap (which unfoutunately is too common on the Eastern European, and particularly Russian black metal scene...)

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