Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cracked Core - "PsychoPath" [2010]

Artist: Cracked Core
Title: PsychoPath
Label: Mental Excitement
Genre: Electronic / IDM /Industrial / Digital Hardcore
Country: Russia
Release date: 2010
Size: 76 mb

Track list:
  1. Memory Error (feat. Terror Panicus)
  2. Un10cked 7ri@1
  3. Militarity Theme
  4. Night Assault (feat. Terror Panicus)
  5. SoAT
  6. Blood as Ink
  7. The End
  8. Militarity Theme (minimal mix)
  9. t_error 404 - Killdozer [Trancemix by Cracked Core]
  10. (Project) Ritual Noise - Rollback of Life [Back2life mix by Cracked Core]
"PsychoPath" is the newest release by an industrial/electronic musician from Moscow, who uses the moniker "Cracked Core". The main themes of this release are war, hate and (guess what?) psychopathy. The music, while ranging from ambient and IDM to breakcore and digital hardcore, became more agressive and industrial-oriented when compared to his previous release, "Audiolog". I think PsychoPath >> Audiolog - but it's only a matter of personal tastes, 'cause both albums are good. And of course, free distribution of all his releases is encouraged.

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