Saturday, May 11, 2013

V/A - "Darkwave from the South: Music From The Other America III" [2010]

Artist: (various)
Title: Darkwave from the South: Music From The Other America III
Genre: Darkwave, Gothic Rock
Country: (various)
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Crucifix Nocturnal Christians - The Cross On The Wall
  2. Elegia - Medieval
  3. Aldearoja - Aldearoja
  4. Céfiro Nocte - El Lado Oscuro De La Luna
  5. Septima Sima - Natacha
  6. Hemophilia - Sol Negro
  7. Das Projekt - Betrayal
  8. Ewiges Delirium - Abandonado
  9. Taxidermia - Pesadilla
  10. RRRRRRR - Frío
  11. Virgine Dramatica - In The Presence Of The Frost
  12. Sunset Down - Genocide Of Angels 2.0 [Live Demo]
  13. Porcelain Doll - After This...
  14. Plastique Noir - Silent Shout
  15. Flood Of Tears - The World
  16. Bloodparade - Nevermore
  17. Luna In Caelo - Llorar
  18. StrangersAngels - End Of Tears
  19. Dulce Muerte - Brujas
  20. Convulsiones - El Último Minuto
A compilation of various underground projects from the gothic/darkwave scene of South America. Of course don't expect top quality musicianship and production, but there definitely are some projects that's worth attention (i.e. Virgine Dramatica). Besides, it isn't like there are many well-known darkwave bands with lyrics in Spanish, so this compilation sounds quite exotic to me, even though there's a lot of so-so projects.

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