Saturday, May 25, 2013

Frozen Dusk - demo tracks

Artist: Frozen Dusk
Title: demo tracks
Genre: Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Country: Romania

Track List:
  1. Bindfold Cabaret
  2. Absynth
  3. Silent Winter
  4. Faraway So Close (remix 2008)
  5. Return
  6. Deserted
"Frozen Dusk is a Romanian symphonic metal band founded in august 2002 by guitarist Stefan Mustata and opera vocalist Adina Bajenica. The band’s first songs were recorded in 2003 as a demo used primarily for publicity. This was soon followed by a series of concerts together with well-known Romanian rock bands such as Iris and Vama Veche. In 2004 Frozen Dusk headlined a series of concerts, among them the Steel Stage Festival. In 2005 the band took a break so that its members could finish their studies. In July 2006, the band recorded a demo album, which led to a new series of concerts in Bucharest"

Of course the "Nightwish syndrome" is present on this demo, but I think it's unavoidable for an young symphonic/female-fronted metal band. I still find their music much more honest and worth listening to, compared to a lot of much more well-known sympho-metal bands.

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