Monday, May 27, 2013

Fleurety - "Min Tid Skal Komme" [1995]

Artist: Fleurety
Title: Min Tid Skal Komme
Genre: Post-Black Metal
Country: Norway
Year: 1995

Track List:
  1. Fragmenter Av En Fortid
  2. En Skikkelse I Horisonten
  3. Hvileløs?
  4. Englers Piler Har Ingen Brodd
  5. Fragmenter Av En Fremtid
Fleurety started in 1991 as a standard Norwegian black metal band, but quickly evolved into something more sophisticated. Their first full-length album, "Min Tid Skal Komme", is widely regarded as one of the pioneering albums in avant-garde black metal, and one of the first attempts to mix metal with post-rock (only an year after the very term "post-rock" was coined by Simon Reynolds). I personally view this album as one of the masterpieces of the 90's Norwegian avant-garde metal scene - along with "Omnio" by In The Woods (1997), "Written In Waters" by Ved Buens Ende (1995), and "666 International" by Dødheimsgard (1999). The second and the latest full length by Fleurety, "Department of Apocalyptic Affairs", was even more experimental (bordering on avant-prog), and wasn't welcomed both by critics and fans. I personally like both their albums a lot, but I definitely would recommend to start listening to Fleurety from "Min Tid Skal Komme":

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