Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Street Child - s/t [1989]

Artist: Street Child
Title: Street Child
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Country: USA
Release date: 1989

Track List:
  1. Temple of Set
  2. Streetchild
  3. Erotic Insomnia
  4. Building a Wall
Another New York-based 80's heavy metal band that released only one 10'' EP and then disappeared. However, this EP is a real MASTERPIECE, and probably one of the most overlooked metal releases of all times. Well, feel free to say that their musicianship (especially the drumming) wasn't perfect, the vocals are a bit dull, etc. - but as for me, this record creates an INCREDIBLE atmosphere, which probably wouldn't be achieved if it was too overproduced. My personal highlights: "Streetchild" (a >6-minutes epic with very touching lyrics) and "Building a Wall" (probably the best track on the whole EP). "Erotic Insomnia" is a bit weaker than the other tracks, but still very good. It really sucks that they've released only 4 songs and then disbanded (there are several more songs on youtube, as well as some live recordings, but they aren't as good).

By the way, it looks like their ex-vocalist is active on last.fm and youtube, and he does agree with the critics of his vocal style. However, I personally liked his voice a lot, in my opinion it's one of the few things that made the "Street Child" EP sounding so unique. And of course, the cover art is among the best I've ever seen.

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