Thursday, March 21, 2013

The A.Y.I.L.A.R - "Istanbul Skins" [???]

Artist: The A.Y.I.L.A.R
Title: Istanbul Skins
Genre: Oi! (S.H.A.R.P), Street Punk
Country: Turkey
Release date: 200?

Track List:
  1. Istanbul skins
  2. Ayip
  3. Sansliysan yasarsin
  4. Bezelye
  5. Kallez
  6. Bugunpazar
  7. Karsiyiz biz savasa
  8. Sokakar sahidim ol...
The only Oi! band from Turkey I know (yes, there's also Bandista, but their music is more ska than anything else). Maybe not great, but not bad at all (however, the quality of recording varies significantly from one track to another). Don't know when exactly it was released, but it's definitely from the 2000s.

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