Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hedvika - "The Evidence Of Absence" [2013]

Artist: Hedvika
Title: The Evidence Of Absence
Genre: Post-Rock
Country: Greece
Release date: 2013

Track List:
  1. Collapse
  2. 100000 Years
  3. The Ocean Below
  4. Enceladus
  5. Void / No Void
  6. Last Glare
  7. Shapes Of Nemesis
"The band was formed in Athens, Greece in spring 2011 in order to deliver heavy tunes in the vein of Neurosis, Isis, Fall Of Efrafa, Electric Wizard and the likes. After spending some quality time in the studio making demo recordings, the band started performing live and scheduled some winter gigs for 2012-2013.Simultaneously they began the arduous task of giving birth to their first endeavor entitled “The Evidence Of Absence” , a concept album for our own expanding universes. Currently, Hedvika continue their journey in the stellar plains composing new tracks combining atmosphere and heaviness through their own prism..."

"...Formed in the remaining of the Old Sun. Through dust, the first glow revealed the vastness of the new world. The celestial solitude of an enslaved passenger of time who saw the light of a world of masters and minions. Silence is broken. Conscious is born. Her ocean is screaming her existence filling the void, reflecting on his frozen entity. From the reaches of the new gleam to the warmth of destruction, matter realizes it’s own existence following the arrow of time. In the shadow of a second sun doubting the reality. Doubting the Evidence Of Absence"

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