Thursday, March 7, 2013

Abscess - demo [1996]

Artist: Abscess
Title: (demo tracks)
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Country: Russia (Makhachkala, Dagestan)
Release date: 1996

Track List:
  1. Necrodose
  2. Inquisition
  3. Lepra
  4. Necrodose (alt.mix)
  5. Inquisition (alt.mix)
  6. Lepra (alt.mix)
One more ex-USSR band that's of interest for my blog mostly because of its time and place of origin. Today it's hard to believe that Makhachkala had a thriving rock/metal scene in late 80's - early 90's, and huge mass brawls between rock/metal fans and haters. Here's an incomplete list of Dagestani bands that existed until 2000: Северный ветер, Open Down, Плюс-минус, 6-й подъезд, Fatima's Band, просто Конь, Саня Остревной, Торнадо, Фиаско, Scaffold Death, Mirabella's death rattle, Abscess, Железный легион, Химшоссе, Лабиринт, Иное, Масштаб, Burial Ground, Ледокаин, Сага, Состав, Небо-зеркало, Inside, Розовое здание, Вино и кровьSome later bands: Судный День, Silent Insanity, Illicit, Sky Angels, BlackenedS, Железный занавес, Antithesis, 4 Lane Highway. However, most of these bands don't have any (listenable) releases, and according to the members of 4 Lane Highway, they don't have a future as a band there, after Makhachkala has turned into Ciudad Juarez of Europe. Speaking of Abscess - they were an old school death metal band formed in Makhachkala in 1994 (!) by Nazim Giraev (lead guitar) and Aziz Suleymanov (bass). The quiality of recording is reasonably raw, but still much better than I expected.

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