Saturday, October 17, 2020

Heavenwood - "Diva" [1996]

Artist: Heavenwood
Title: Diva
Genre: Gothic/Doom Metal
Country: Portugal
Year: 1996

Track List:

  1. Frozen Images
  2. Emotional Wound
  3. Flames Of Vanity
  4. Since The First Smile
  5. Tears Of Grief
  6. Moonlight Girl
  7. Judith Heavenwood
  8. Weeping Heart
  9. Frithiof's Saga
  10. Lament

While most people would associate Portuguese gothic metal scene with Moonspell, there's one more band from the same era that deserves attention. Heavenwood started in 1992 as a death metal band Disgorged, but changed their style and name in 1996. Both their 90's albums ("Diva" and "Swallow") are now considered to be classics of Portuguese metal. The band split up in 2001, but later reformed and released a few more albums, to which I hven't listened to (but according to reviews, they're worth listening as well).

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