Sunday, March 1, 2020

Nuclear Winter (ZW) - "Night Shift" [2019]

Artist: Nuclear Winter
Title: Night Shift
Genre: Industrial Death Metal
Country: Zimbabwe
Year: 2019

Track List:
  1. The Western Gate
  2. Down Where We Belong
  3. Blueshift
  4. The God Without Shadows
  5. Life Sick Hearts
  6. Years Lent
  7. Fragments of Grandeur
  8. Third War
  9. The Coming Darkness
While the metal scene of Botswana is somewhat well known internationally, stumbling upon an industrial / "modern metal" project from Zimbabwe was a big surprise to me. While I'm still not completely sure it's not a gimmick (especially considering that the only member of Nuclear Winter is white), I have no reasons not to believe the location stated on NW's bandcamp page ("Harare, Zimbabwe") either. When it comes to sound, it's futuristic-sounding melodic death metal with drum machine and lots of electronics. Nothing particularly groundbreaking, but fairly well produced for an one-man project. According to the project's Facebook page, there's also several EPs released as early as in 2013, but all the download links are dead by now.

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