Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bad Sector - "Dolmen Factory" [1999]

Artist: Bad Sector
Title: Dolmen Factory
Genre: Dark Ambient, Noise
Country: Italy
Release date: 1999

Track List:
  1. Alex 1964
  2. Ivan 1810
  3. Carla 1977
  4. Alvin 1953
  5. Exit A
  6. Nara 1630
  7. Pierre 1902
  8. Brigitte 1872
  9. Ikhana 1402
  10. Exit B
  11. Max 1987 
Since this album was mentioned in my previous entry, I decided to post it as well, because I feel that at least one album by Bad Sector definitely should be on my blog. The works by Massimo Magrini are well-known and loved here, and it's safe to say that he has inspired quite a lot of industrial and ambient musicians from the ex-USSR countries. Magrini is a professional physics researcher specialized in analog & digital signal processing, which heavily reflects on his music, which best can be described as an experimental collage of sounds of various origins (ritual music samples, industrial noises, cosmic noises etc.) This particular album is based on the cardiac echo sounds, and the each track on it is supposed to describe one personal "universe", which disappears with the death of a person it's associated with.

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