Monday, January 1, 2018

Eisenwut - "Die Herrschaft der Leere" [2017]

Artist: Eisenwut
Title: Die Herrschaft der Leere
Genre: Industrial Metal, NDH
Country: Russia
Release date: 2017

Track List:
  1. Auf der anderen Seite der Verzweiflung
  2. Freiheit
  3. Gib mir Kraft
  4. Tod tritt zurück
  5. Die Herrschaft der Leere
  6. Eisenwut
  7. Der ewige Krieg
  8. Стальные крылья
  9. Warum
  10. Weltordnung (feat. Nachtmahr)
  11. Магнолия
  12. Wo blumen entarten
Just like any other attempt by a Russian band to play NDH, this album is a total Rammstein worship. What else it could be, seriously? However, Eisenwut are far better than a lot of other Rammstein clones (including their vocalist's earlier band, Hackmesser, which I recall as being completely horrible). Of course the fans of Rammstein and Neue Deutsche Härte in general most likely won't hear anything new on this album, but taking in account that Rammstein haven't released anything good in ages, it's nice to have a new decently produced work in the same style. Sure, this kind of music is past its peak of popularity by now, yet this album still brings back the memories of me as a teenage Rammstein fan. My personal favourites are "Gib mir Kraft", "Eisenwut", and "Магнолия":

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