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Сепсис - "Литургия безумия" [1991]

Artist: Сепсис
Title: Литургия безумия
Genre: Avant-Prog, Krautrock
Country: USSR
Release date: 1991

Track List: 

Side A:
  1. Отчуждение
  2. В Плену У Диких Собак
  3. Размышляя О...
  4. В Волнах Желания
  5. Апогей
Side B:
  1. Изгнание Бесов
  2. Погружаясь В Сон
  3. Плач Блуждающей Девы
  4. Спазмы Рассудка
  5. Оковы Славы
  6. Прочь Из Этих Мест
  7. Изгнание Бесов
  8. Катарсис 
All I know about this band is that they were an instrumental avant-garde rock trio from Pushkin (which is in the vicinity of St.Petersburg). This album was recorded during March-April 1990 with the help of Yuri Morozov as sound engineer, and was released on vinyl by Andrei Tropillo's label AnTrop, when the band already has split up.

Although it was produced by such famous (at the time) people in the Russian rock scene, it failed to get much publicity, mostly because the music was too unaccessible for an average listener. There were very few Soviet rock bands whise music could be called "avant-prog", and Sepsis definitely were one of them. The album is titled "Liturgy of Madness", which is a pretty appropriate name for a piece of such scary music (maybe not on pair with the best works of Goblin, Univers Zero and Shub-Niggurath, but still). The only known mp3 rip of it consists of two long tracks corresponding to the A and B sides of the original release:

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