Wednesday, January 25, 2017

MagnetiC – "One Step to the Sun" [2014]

Artist: MagnetiC
Title: One Step to the Sun
Genre: Melodic Metal, Alternative Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 2014

Track List:
  1. One Step to the Sun 
  2. My Time to Shine 
  3. Break the Silence 
  4. On the Waves 
  5. Kindheitstraum 
  6. Signs of Happiness 
  7. Don't call me 
  8. Lone Wolf 
  9. Desire
This band,formed in Moscow in late 2009, is frequently tagged as "nu-metal", but I'd rather avoid such a label, which no doubt could turn off quite a lot of potential listeners. Alternative metal? Well, maybe. Even this is "nu-metal" (which I think it isn't), I'm not ashamed to say I love such kind of nu-metal :) Even if not all songs on this album are as catchy as the title track, it's still a very good release (for instance, I liked it better than anything released by Lacuna Coil after 2004). The best part of their sound is undoubtely the voice of Marina Poberezhnyuk, which is very powerful and low-pitched (reminds me of another Moscow-based band with a similar sound - Moray Eel - which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore).

And, as a bonus, a couple of Marina's beach photos from 2015. As you can see, she has a quite nice figure! I especially liked Marina's legs, and her smile is beautiful too:

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