Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Чолбон - "Проклятый камень" [1992]

Artist: Чолбон
Title: Проклятый камень
Genre: Folk-Rock, Progressive Rock
Country: Russia (Yakutia a/k/a Sakha Republic)
Release date: 1992

Track List:
  1. Когда-нибудь [Sometimes]
  2. Скажи Мне [Tell Me]
  3. Растоптанный Цветок [The Crushed Flower]
  4. Неспетая Песня [The Unsung Song]
  5. Услышать Бы [If I Could Hear]
  6. Проклятый Камень [The Damned Stone]
  7. Поле Боя [Battlefield]
  8. Закат [Sunset]
  9. Под Моим Небом [Under My Sky]
  10. Другу [To A Friend]
  11. Разве Я Виноват [Am I To Blame?]
The first known Yakut folk-rock band, Cholbon (which means "Morning Star") was formed in a small Eastern Siberian village in 1986 (according to some sources, the band was already around in some form as early as in 1982). Their early style could be described as a mix of Pink Floyd-inspired progressive rock and Yakut folk music. The earliest recordings were made in 1987. This 1992 LP is their best known release, containing mostly the material they've recorded during the 1980s. The quality of recording is varied from track to track, but generally it's good or at least listenable. The album's name, "The Damned Stone", is a reference to diamonds (the diamond mining industry has severely damaged the ecosystem of the band's home region). As of now, the band still exists (although two of its original members have died in 2000s) and gives concerts occasionally, but doesn't record any new albums.

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