Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vazhes - "Deep Komis" [2010]

Artist: Vazhes
Title: Deep Komis
Genre: Ambient, Dub, Ethno-Industrial
Country: Russia
Year: 2010

Track List:
  1. Pu Baraban
  2. Chudskoy Otir
  3. Chereshlan
  4. Deep Komis
  5. Pasture Dub
  6. Oshkar (ft. Rapoon)
  7. Vazh Otir (ft. Fanum)
  8. A Dream Within A Dream (ft. Northaunt)
Vazhes is one of the monikers used by Sergey Gabbasov, an ethnologist from Moscow who also makes music. This album is dedicated to the Komi-Permyak people living near the northwestern slope of the Urals. "Vazhes" itself is a traditional Komi name for the "old people" of unknown origins who lived in these places before Komis came there, and the name of the album is apparently a homage to Deep Forest. The other albums released by Vazhes (at least the ones I've listened to) are mostly dedicated to the various Central Asian cultures, and appear to be more influenced by Muslimgauze (with some rhythmic noise elements).

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