Saturday, September 10, 2016

Xmal Deutschland - "Viva" [1987]

Artist: Xmal Deutschland
Title: Viva
Genre: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk
Country: Germany
Release date: 1987

Track List:
  1. Matador
  2. Eisengrau
  3. Sickle Moon
  4. If Only
  5. Feuerwerk (31·Dez)
  6. Illusion
  7. Morning (Will There Really Be)
  8. Manchmal
  9. Polarlicht
  10. Ozean
  11. Dogma I
  12. 4
"Viva" is the 3rd album by Xmal Deutschland, released 3 years after their best work "Tocsin". In terms of sound and atmosphere, it's somewhere between "Toscin" and XmalD's late 90's new wave works that had more to do with 80's pop than gothic rock. That said, "Viva" is 100% old style goth rock/post-punk, just a bit "lighter" than XmalD's first two releases, and with more English lyrics. If you follow my blog closely, you probably already are familiar with one of the best songs off this album, "Polarlicht" (which was covered by Coptic Rain on their "Discovery" EP). The two opening tracks are awesome too.

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