Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Coptic Rain - "The Last World" [2000]

Artist: Coptic Rain
Title: The Last World
Genre: Industrial Metal
Country: Slovenia
Release date: 2000

Track List: 
  1. New Dawn
  2. After Hours
  3. Thought vs The Dragon
  4. Purple Song
  5. Fire Inbetween
  6. Pastplastik
  7. Cold Cut
  8. Rio
  9. Against Perfection
  10. Clandestine Clean
  11. The Day That Passed
Another Slovenian band that I wanted to post on here for the long time. I don't remember how exactly I've discovered Coptic Rain, but they were one of the first aggro-industrial bands (and definitely the first one with the female vocals) I've heard. That was in early 2000s, when the only their songs available to me were "After Hours" on the "old", and several songs from their 1996 album encoded in horrible bitrate (something like 16kbps - remember that it was almost 15 years ago when the internet was quite slow and the size of downloads mattered a lot).

In mid-2000s, I finally found their complete discography on a pirate MP3 compilation CD, and I have no words to describe how happy I was. After all these years, they still are among my favourite industrial metal bands (note that their idea of how "industrial metal" should sound was quite different from that of many modern bands). This is the last album in their discography, and definitely the most accessible to an average listener. I like the vocal work of Katrin Radman on there - here voice fits the music extremely well, and reminds me of such female-fronted gothic rock bands as X-Mal Deutschland.

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