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Crunch - "Total Works 1993-1996" [2005]

Artist: Crunch
Title: Total Works 1993-1996
Genre: Industrial Metal, "Monolithic Industrial"
Country: Russia
Release date: 2005

Track List:
  1. Foundry 46
  2. Unreality
  3. Future Power
  4. Total Masturbation
  5. Fuse Chain
  6. Hydraulic Sperm
  7. My Flesh Is Dead
  8. Chance
  9. Help Me Feel You
  10. Total Masturbation (Exclusive Masturbation Mix)
  11. Catastrophe
  12. Absence
  13. Untitled
After Вой split up in 1992, Alex "Crunch" formed another project which also was unique for the post-Soviet underground music scene of the time. If the first demo by Neutral can be considered one of the first examples of Russian aggro-industrial, then the material presented on "Total Works" by Crunch is one of the earliest examples of Russian industrial metal. It's monotonous, unemotional and "mechanical", yet very atmospheric music in the best traditions of early industrial metal scene (Godflesh, Head Of David, Sonic Violence). Maybe it isn't as interesting as, say, Roncsipar, but its historical importance is undeniable.

Released on CD by MetalAgen Records in 2005. Tracks 1 to 6 previously released in 1993-1994 as "Tears Factory / Total Masturbation" cassette on Swing Street Ltd.; tracks 7 to 12 previously released in 1996 as "Excrete" cassette on MetalAgen Records. The band broke up circa 1996, but reunited in early 2010s.

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