Saturday, December 12, 2015

Anna Tulla - "Lembi" [2010]

Artist: Anna Tulla
Title: Lembi
Genre: Folk/Pop
Country: Russia (Karelia)
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Armaz
  2. Elämä on ihana
  3. Ilman sinua
  4. Ilta
  5. Kaunis valhe
  6. Ken om värnik?
  7. Missä ikinä oletkaan
  8. Miun rakkahus
  9. Ruskei kudžu
  10. Tahon
  11. Tarjoilijatyttö
  12. Tiedän sen
  13. Tule rannale
  14. Tyhjiä kujia
  15. Uuši vuosi
Like in case with Ladi Sveti's EP which I posted yesterday, this album is mostly just plain pop music which I have little interest in, but I'm posting it for a different reason. You'll have a hard time searching for another album which has songs with lyrics in Vepsian and Livvi-Karelian languages, and that's what makes "Lembi" unique.

Anna Tulla was formed in 2007 in Petrozavodsk (Karelia) with a purpose to create popular music with lyrics in minor Northern Finno-Ugric languages (primarily Karelian and Vepsian). Only few people speak these languages nowadays, especially few younger ones, so the members of Anna Tulla decided to focus on club-friendly pop music that might appeal to the young crowd, rather than playing authentic folk which few young people listen to. The line-up of the band has changed over years. In 2010, Anna Tulla was led by two vocalists: Daria Kuznetsova (Karelian) and Yulia Maximova (Vepsian). The band doesn't seem to be active anymore, as they haven't released anything after "Lembi", and Daria now lives in Helsinki.

About 1/3 of songs on "Lembi" have lyrics in Finnish, and the rest are in Vepsian, Livvi-Karelian, or Karelian proper (track #9 has some verses in Russian). I personally found the tracks in Vepsian and Livvi-Karelian to be the most interesting, as the proper Karelian language is just way too similar to Finnish (especially the eastern dialects). There's no full download of "Lembi" anywhere, but you can listen to the whole album of the band's official site.

Here's also a small photo shoot of Daria and Yulia which was taken the same year "Lembi" was released (Yulia is the one wearing a purple jacket and a light blue dress, while Daria wears a red top and a short blue skirt). I think Daria's looks are more appealing to me (although I've looked into Yulia's more recent photos, and they're quite beautiful too). Daria also has very beautiful legs:

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