Thursday, June 25, 2015

Senmuth & Naakhum - "Змајевски Језик" [2015]

Artist: Naakhum & Senmuth
Title: Змајевски Језик
Genre: Industrial Folk Metal, Ambient
Country: Russia/Serbia
Year: 2015

Track List:
  1. Змајевски Jезик (Intro)
  2. Змајевски Jезик
  3. Змајевски Jезик (Long mix)
  4. Змајевски Jезик (Instrumental)
Senmuth - Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, programming, album cover art
Naakhum - Vocals, lyrics, didgeridoo, ethnic instruments, tapping solo 

Finally, it happened - those two very similar artists made a collaboration single! Those who read my blog on a regular basis most likely know what to expect from both Naakhm and Senmuth - exactly what is featured on this single named "Змајевски Језик" ("The Draconian Tongue", if I understood the title correctly). However it was a surprise for me to find out that Naakhum has relocated from Igualada (somewhere near Barcelona) to Belgrade...

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