Sunday, March 8, 2015

Misgive - "Short Skirts, Shot Guns" [2014]

Artist: Misgive
Title: Short Skirts, Shot Guns
Genre: Punk
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2014

Track List:
  1. Don’t Need No Words
  2. Short Skirts, Shot Guns
  3. Music Sucks
  4. Fluttered Flags
  5. Broken Society
IIRC I've posted an EP by Mystica Girls last year this day, and now it's time to post another EP by an all-female band that isn't particularly well known. This time it won't be metal, though.

Misgive are 4 girls from Kota Kinabalu - the capital of Sabah (the easternmost state of Malaysia). Their music is typical pop-punk which is played by a lot of young bands all around the Western world, but I never heard anything like that from Southeastern Asia yet. They're virtually unknown outside their home region, but recently they got some publicity here, mostly due to our local J-rock / J-punk communities. I personally never was a big fan of pop-punk or J-rock, but all these simplistic yet catchy songs on this EP remind me of the late 70's punk which I used to post here circa 2010-2011.

As for the "short skirts" part - the girls themselves definitely like it a lot, judging from their stage outfits designed for them by Afraid Clothing. It's hard not to notice that their outfits are extremely short, and I like it this way too :)

The official page for this EP is here, and if you want to have a free download of it, it probably won't be hard to find.

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