Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mars On Earth - "Mars on Earth" [2001]

Artist: Mars On Earth
Title: Mars On Earth
Genre: Industrial Metal
Country: Mars Germany
Year: 2001

Track List:
  1. Mars on Earth (intro)
  2. Planets
  3. Die Stadt Ist Im Krieg
  4. Bleeding Underwater
Enough with symphonic metal, let's continue reviewing more obscure and "industrial-esque" albums. This MCD is a perfect example of what kind of music I wish to review here in the first place: it's a very obscure but really interesting release consisting of 3 tracks (and a relatively short ambient intro) of very atmospheric industrial metal with lots of keyboards sounding like on an OST for some old sci-fi movie, and lyrics (mostly) in German. The quality of recording is not perfect, yet completely listenable and fairly good for a first demo EP. There's no reliable info about the band at all, except for they had 3 members and claimed to come from the planet Mars. Perhaps that was the reason why they've released only one EP and then disappeared without a trace: they had to leave the Earth and return to their home planet for some reason ;) It's quite sad, actually, because this EP was very promising, and it would be great to hear at least one full-length album from them.

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