Thursday, September 27, 2012

Abu Lahab - "As Chastened Angels Descend Into The Thoracic Tombs" [2011]

Artist: Abu Lahab
Title: As Chastened Angels Descend Into The Thoracic Tombs
Genre: Noise / Avant-Garde / Industrial Black Metal
Country: Morocco
Release date: 2011

Track List:
  1. Sentient Graves
  2. A Ripple of Matricide
  3. Prayers of the Kyphosis
  4. Fear-Induced Faith
  5. To Stab a Pregnant Sun
  6. Bismih
Very, very strange release from North Africa that definitely won't appeal to everyone. However, I found this (anti-)music actually interesting and carrying that atmosphere of insanity that most generic noise/PE/BM releases lack. Just look at the tracklisting - the music is just as weird as these song titles. Certainly not an album for everyday listening, but a good addition in a collection of weird/avant-garde DIY stuff from obscure countries. As for the moniker "Abu Lahab", it means "Father of Flame" and probably comes from the Islamic mythology where it's a nickname of Muhammad's uncle who later became one of his most staunch enemies.

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