Thursday, May 17, 2012

Univers Zero - "Implosion" [2004]

Artist: Univers Zero
Title: Implosion
Label: Cuneiform Records
Genre: Avant-Prog
Country: Belgium
Release date: 2004

Track List:
  1. Suintement (Oozing)
  2. Falling Rain Dance
  3. Partch's X-Ray
  4. Rapt D'Abdallah
  5. Miroirs (Mirrors)
  6. La Mort de Sophocle (Sophocle's Death)
  7. Ectoplasme
  8. Temps Neufs
  9. Mellotronic
  10. Bacteria
  11. Out of Space 4
  12. First Short Dance
  13. Second Short Dance
  14. Variations on Mellotronic's Theme
  15. A Rebours (In Revers)
  16. Meandres (Meanderings)

Here's my favourite album by RIO classics Univers Zero. It's definitely nowhere near as "dark" or avant-garde as their classic releases like "Heresie" or "1313", but I like the mood and atmosphere of this album (as well as the cover art). Maybe I'm not a real fan of avant-prog, but I never pretended to be one :P Anyway, here's the kind of progressive rock I like the most - melancholic, "cosmic" (as opposed to UZ's early releases, which carry a "creepy", horror-movie atmosphere), melodic yet full of electronic noisy parts.


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