Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Al-Namrood - "Estorat Taghoot" [2010]

Artist: Al-Namrood
Title: Estorat Taghoot
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Saudi Arabia
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Arousal At Nebuchadnezzar Fortress
  2. Junood Al Amjaad
  3. Estorat Taghoot
  4. Ma Kan Mn AlDahr Mundthera
  5. Endma Tuqsaf Al Ru'os
  6. Ma'dabt Al Audhama
  7. Fe Youm Thaqeef
  8. Wata'a Bakhtanasar
  9. Laylat Ghabra'a
  10. Asda' Al Dmar
  11. Ajal Babel

Another black metal album recorded in Bahrain (although the band themselves are from Saudi Arabia, they couldn't find a professional studio that records such kind of music in their home country). Al-Namrood are one of the best Middle Eastern BM bands (definitely better than Melechesh ;)), and most importantly, they're a real oriental metal band actively using Arabian motives in their music, not just a clone of some Western band. The quality of production may be not perfect, but the music is quite original. As for the lyrics - well, I know what "taghut" is, but I couldn't understand anything else... At least it looks like their lyrics are heavily influenced by Mesopotamian mythology (just like in case with Melechesh).

I heard they already have released their new album, "Kitab Al-Awthan", but I haven't listened to it yet. As for this one, you can find it here.

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  1. hello there.nice blog!

    The name of the album is BRECHTiad and is dedicated to the german philosopher!
    it's an album-collection of pornostroika dadaifi.
    All songs are covers of Bertolt Brecht poems.