Thursday, February 17, 2011

44 Leningrad - "St. Ihlow" [1998]

Artist: 44 Leningrad
Title: Санкт Илов
Genre: Ska-Punk/Speed Folk
Country: Germany
Release date: 1998

Track list:
  1. Anastasia
  2. Warschawjanka
  3. Russischer Wodka
  4. Bublitschki
  5. Ich Liebe Dich
  6. Einsamkeit
  7. Im Garten
  8. Wanjuschka
  9. Lei Lei Hintr'm Sofa
  10. Vla&Federn
  11. Auf Wiedersehen
44 Leningrad is a folk-punk band from Germany, who's playing cover versions of Russian folk songs and communist anthems like "Warschawjanka". If you find most of music in nmy blog too depressive, then you might like this album - its mood is very energetic and cheerful, and it sounds like "Banda Bassotti playing Russian folk music while singing in German" ;) I always liked rock versions of old folk songs, and there's a lot of such stuff made by Hungarian rock bands, but not much in other countries. It's a shame 44 Leningrad are almost unknown in Russia, in my opinion they're way better than the majority of generic punk/harcore bands...

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