Monday, January 17, 2011

Roncsipar - "Betonsivatag Kalifornia (Concrete Waste California)" [2009]

Artist: Roncsipar
Title: Betonsivatag Kalifornia
Label: Chromechoes Prods.
Genre: Industrial Rock/Metal, "Monolithic Industrial"
Country: Hungary
Release date: 2009

Track list:
  1. Betonsivatag Kalifornia
  2. Karmazsin csók
  3. Visszatérés a vákuum litániához
  4. Hol van az istened?
  5. Néma
  6. Eranthisz-ízű nő
  7. Visszatérés a vákuum litániához (41939/Them on Grail agyváltozata)
  8. Hol van az istened? (Lin/Wet Lips táncváltozata)
One more free release by Roncsipar - now a LP titled "Betonsivatag Kalifornia". Honestly, I liked "Mini Assemblage" a lot more... but I probably just haven't listened to "Betonsivatag Kalifornia" much enough to really like it - it isn't the music you'd get into after the first listening. anyway, I'd recommend this album to any fan of industrial/stoner metal bands like Godflesh/Fall Of Because.

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