Saturday, June 11, 2016

Закир Шахбан - "Куңел Кузе" [1996]

Artist: Закир Шахбан
Title: Куңел Кузе
Genre: Folk
Country: Russia (Tatarstan)
Release date: 1996

Track List: 
  1. Себер татарлары җыры (татар халык җыры)
  2. Бавлы тавы
  3. Карап калам кошлар артыннан
  4. Әнкәй синең куллар
  5. Бик сагындым газиз әнкәемне
  6. Идел буе каеннары
  7. Миләшләрем
  8. Каеннар шаулый
  9. Керим әле урманнарга
  10. Әнкәм сузе
  11. Герман көә (Татар халык жыры)
  12. Кичер мине әнкәй ачуланма
  13. Ала карга
Now here's something that wasn't posted anywhere else before (at least not to my knowledge). Thanks for this rip to one of my friends who owns several cassettes with obscure Tatar pop-folk from the 90s, and decided to make an mp3 rip of one of them after he saw the "folk-pop" section of my blog.

I don't know much about this performer, beside a couple of interviews I managed to find. According to them, he's blind since birth. He was born somewhere in Siberia, where he was "discovered" by one of popular Tatar singers in 1995, and lives in Kazan since then. Now he might be around 50 years old. On this album, he's singing songs in traditional Tatar folk style, accompanying himself with an accordion. The music in general sounds much more "oriental" than the Finno-Ugric folk I've posted here before, even if it comes from pretty much the same region. I personally liked the track #7, as it stands out on the whole album for being quite catchy and featuring some female vocals. The rest of the cassette (side A, at least) is a bit monotonous.

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