Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Embrace Of Branches - live [2002]

Artist: Embrace Of Branches
Title: Live @ "The Russian House" theatre (20 April, 2002)
Genre: Neofolk
Country: Russia
Release date: 2002

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Владыка
  3. Si El Que Es Más Desdichado
  4. Объятия Ветвей
  5. The Wonderbells
  6. Бархат
  7. Славянская
  8. Только Почувствуй (Studio Track)
Among the not-so-numerous Russian neofolk bands of the early 2000s, Embrace Of Branches (and the related projects, such ans Lanquor and Hazeldusk) were among the most obscure, despite having relatively well-known musicians (including Wolfsblood, an editor of the Seidr webzine) in their line-up. The only their legacy is a couple of interviews and one CD-R, recorded at their live performance with Neutral in some theatre in Moscow. Of course, you shouldn't expect much from such a recording, but at least it's better than nothing (for instance, I couldn't find any recordings of Hazeldusk even after a very extensive search), and I actually liked it better than later solo works by Wolfsblood. There's also one bonus track recorded in a studio, with is probably the best on the whole CD. Too bad they didn't manage to record a proper album...

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  1. I am listening to this album on september 2022, and even on Discogs there is not any information about it, but this. Thanks.