Monday, June 27, 2016

Allerseelen - "Terra Incognita" [2015]

Artist: Allerseelen
Title: Terra Incognita
Genre: Neofolk, "Industrial Folklore"
Country: Austria
Release date: 2015

Track List: 
  1. Steingeburt (2015)
  2. Fliegerlied
  3. Böses Blut
  4. Ikarus
  5. Flamme (2015)
  6. Totenschiff
  7. Thule (2015)
  8. From The Emptiness
  9. Grünes Licht
  10. Neunmondmesser
  11. Sturmlied (2015)
  12. Wir Sind Schwäne (2015)
  13. Panzergarten (2015)
  14. Was Wissen Wir Vom Licht
  15. Schwarzes Vinyl
As you probably know, I rarely go to concerts, and there aren't many ones worth going to where I live. The one and only neofolk concert I've been to was the performance of Allerseelen, Otzepenevshiye and Sal Solaris, which took place in one of local theaters in 2007. Unsurprisingly, the attendance wasn't huge, but Allerseelen's performance was great, even if wasn't too familiar with his studio works at the time (the only his song I've heard before that concert was "Sturmlied 2.0" on some neofolk compilation).

Now, after I've listened to the whole Allerseelen discography, I can saafely say that this relatively new album is one of the best. I'm not too much into the occult/esoteric aspect of Allerseelen's works, but I love the music (which goes far beyond withing the borders of neofolk and even incorporates some elements of jazz and flamenco). While I can't find this particular album on Bandcamp, it can be found on There's also a very good detailed review of "Terra Incognita" on Heathen Harvest.

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