Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Funker Vogt - "Aviator" [2007]

Artist: Funker Vogt
Title: Aviator
Genre: EBM, Electro-Industrial
Country: Germany
Release date: 2007

Track List:
  1. Welcome To Destruction
  2. Paralyzed
  3. Child Soldier
  4. City Of Darkness
  5. My Fortune
  6. Hostile Waters
  7. Thanatophobia
  8. Frozen In Time
  9. One
  10. Darwin's Nightmare
  11. Blind Rage
  12. Babylon
I decided to post this album on here after I stumbled upon this review, which in my opinion is spot on:

"The biggest knock on Funker Vogt (aside from the ridiculous lyrics- it seems they were written in German and translated word for word into English) has been their repetitiveness. If you have heard one Funker Vogt song, you've heard them all. Well with Aviator, they have put together an excellent album. The pace is varied and the lyrics, though simple, can be thoughtful at times. This disc is solid from start to finish"

Indeed, the earlier works of Funker Vogt seem to be too repetitive for me (can't say much about the lyrics, since I'm not a native English speaker myself), and a lot of people don't like the direction which the band took recently with their new vocalist Sacha Korn (which himself is a controversial figure), but this album features a lot of very catchy tracks ("Child Soldier", "City Of Darkness", "Hostile Waters", "Darwin's Nightmare") which are among my all-time favourites in EBM/electro-industrial. The atmosphere is great as well. I personally prefer the extended version with 3 bonus tracks ("Deathmachine", "Lost In Translation" and "Snow Was Falling") by Metropolis Records, but it isn't as easy to find as this basic one.

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