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Romowe Rikoito - "Undēina" [2014]

Artist: Romowe Rikoito
Title: Undēina
Genre: Neofolk
Country: East Prussia
Release date: 2014

Track List: 
  1. Bewangiskas pintegas pagaūsenis
  2. Rantawa
  3. Kunnegsgarbs
  4. Swentagrēiwa
  5. Twānksta town
  6. Āustrawīdja
  7. Merūnas dwars
  8. Merūnas meddjan
  9. Skaītan
  10. Dēinawas deināina
  11. Undēinas dajā
  12. Bewangiskas pintegas wangā
After almost a decade of silence, Romowe Rikoito have released a new full-length album in 2014.With one exception of "Twānksta town", all the lyrics on "Undēina" are in Old Prussian language (or, more precisely, in its reconstructed version - since there isn't much known about the original Prussian language, which went extinct around 300 years ago). Only a couple of songs on their previous albums used this language.

The concept of "Undēina" might be quite hard to get into for those listeners who are, like me, not too familiar with the history and mythology of the Baltic region - and not only because of the language barrier. Some info in English can be found here, hopefully it'll be helpful. As for the music, it's excellent and definitely better than what I've heard on earlier RR albums. "Undēina" is a quite lengthy release, but that's not a flaw at all.

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