Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Пикник - "Пить электричество" [1998]

Artist: Пикник
Title: Пить электричество
Genre: Art Rock, Industrial Rock
Country: Russia
Release date: 1998

Track List:
  1. Venenum Rerum Omnium
  2. Пить электричество
  3. U (напряжение не кончается)
  4. Афродита из пены и щелочи
  5. Купорос-Е
  6. Будь навсегда
  7. Три истории: I. Разговор глухих
  8. Три истории: II. Uroboros
  9. Три истории: III. Чужие племена
You won't expect a band named "Picnic" to play post-punk and gothic rock, right? Yet they do it, and their name is actually a reference to Strugatskys' well-known book "Roadside Picnic". They were formed in 1981 (although some argue that the band existed in some form as early as in 1978) as a part of the Leningrad Rock Club, and recorded their debut album at Andrey Tropillo's studio in 1982. Initially they played classic rock, but their sound became more "progressive" with the time, and since the late 80s, they were highly influenced by gothic rock as well.

Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with their discography, because as of today, I've listened only to their "Best of" compilation and this album, which is considered to be their most experimental work. As a whole, it's still art rock, but heavily influenced by industrial and dark ambient. It's probably not the best album to start listening to their discography from (as in the case with DDT's "Мир номер ноль"), yet it's without a doubt one of the most interesting albums of the 90's Russian rock I've heard so far.

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