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Ночной Проспект - "Кислоты" [1988]

Artist: Ночной Проспект
Title: Кислоты
Genre: Synthpop, Experimental, Noise
Country: USSR
Release date: 1988

Track List:
  1. Остатки сомнений
  2. Мне не нужна информация
  3. Наденем пилотки
  4. Наши богатства
  5. Всеобщее невезение
  6. Кислоты
Another influental Soviet synthpop project, formed in 1985 in Moscow by Alexey Borisov and Ivan Sokolovsky. Both of the founding members were well educated and aware of the most recent tendencies in the Western experimental music scene (in particular, they certainly knew of E.Neubauten and Psychic TV). Their early material can be described as "acid techno pop" with female vocals (performed by Natalia Borjomova), but they took a more experimental direction by 1987.

This album is probably their most experimental one, varying from synthpop and post-punk (mostly in the first half) to noise and dark ambient (second half mostly). It wasn't well received by the public at the time, but now it's regarded as one of the first full-length albums of the Soviet industrial scene, along with this one. I personally don't think it's as great as some reviewers claim it to be (among other things, I disliked the vocals; the early releases with female vocals were better in this regard), but it undoubtely was a very interesting release for its time. The band still exists as of today, although Ivan Sokolovsky died in 2005.

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