Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Мыши - demo [1996]

Artist: Мыши
Title: -
Genre: Rock
Country: Russia
Release date: 1996

Track List:
  1. Всем привет
  2. Мальчики на белом
  3. Весна
  4. Слушай
It's about time to post something with female vocals, and here's a really obscure band from St.Petersburg whose live demo was posted here 5 years ago. After looking at the track names, I thought it might be generic shitty pop-rock which isn't worth a listen. However, I did gave it a listen, and while I wasn't far from truth when expecting it to be pop-rock, it actually turned out to be pretty good.

I couldn't find much info about the band, mostly because of its very generic name ("Mice"), but they apparently were formed in the very beginning of 1990s, and released a full-length album in 1991. Back then they were playing post-punk with male vocals. On this demo, the vocals are performed by Regina Baronova, who now works as a professional singer in Spain. I understand she isn't really a rock vocalist, and she probably felt herself out of place in such a band, but her voice is awesome! It's the most distinguishing feature of this demo in my opinion, and that's a pity that their other recordings didn't have her on vocals.

The videos of their live performances are also very hard to find. I personally could find only one video of them performing on some big rock festival in 1996. The quality isn't great, but I don't have any better. The clothes that Regina was wearing on stage seem to be a bit strange to me, although I liked her short skirt (I think Regina's legs are just as nice as her voice :))

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