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Thy Repentance / Nuclear Winter - "Control Shot or Halls Of The Red / Ode to War (Apotheosis of Hate)" [2002]

Artist: Thy Repentance / Nuclear Winter
Title: Control Shot or Halls Of The Red / Ode to War (Apotheosis of Hate)
Label: Noughtscape Productions
Genre: Dark Ambient / Black Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 2002

Track list:

Thy Repentance
  1. Hall of Hate (The Global Coffin)
  2. Hall of Opposition (Apocalyptic Impression)
  3. Hall of Predestination (Falling of the Poisoned)
  4. Hall of Fire (The Song of Ash and Dust)
  5. Hall of Zero (The Bullet's Blizzard)
  6. Hall of Might (Supreme Meaning of Knowledge)
Nuclear Winter
  1. In the Glare of Nuclear Sun
  2. ...As the Silvery Tumuli Over Universal Tomb
This split album is one of the best releases that came from early-2000s Russian black metal scene. It features two bands from the vicinity of Ural mountains. I decided to check it out mostly because of Nuclear Winter, an one-man project led by Podonok (also in Velehentor and Closing the Eternity), who's also an editor of relatively well-known Twilight Shadows zine (it's one of my favourite Russian-language metal webzines). His music turned out to be surprisingly simplistic (but I don't want to say it's bad), and very simular to Burzum's most well-known release, "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss". I can draw a comparison between "In the Glare of Nuclear Sun" and "Det Som En Gang Var", and also between "As the Silvery Tumuli Over Universal Tomb" and "Tomhet". As for the lyrical content, it's pretty typical for "true" black metal, and very simular to Gorduw's - total misanthropy, nuclear apocalypse, et cetera. Don't think if Podonok still takes all this seriously, though. As of today, Nuclear Winter isn't active, the latest album under this moniker was released in 2003. it was a split release with a Belarusian black metal band called Soulcide. I have it too, but it isn't as good as this one.

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