Friday, December 3, 2010

Gorduw - "Deve Irio (Red Steel)" [2002]

Artist: Gorduw
Title: Deve Irio (Red Steel)
Label: Folvork Prods.
Genre: Industrial / Black Ambient / Dark Electro
Country: Russia
Release date: 2002

Track list:
  1. Malar Ree Eco-tii Torna Kaytan… (Now and Further in Eternity…) (live clone)
  2. Sha-maan Codes Tar Gultu Hadge 2 (Shamanic Codes of Drunk Winter 2) (live clone)
  3. Kumkelga Umi Nagg-tii Liznin Ertoku. (Final Dreams Before Black Snow) (original clone for DJ set)
  4. Rouna, Tadaane Randerkit. (I Called Darkness) (clone for DJ set)
  5. Deve Morto. (the Red Strip) (clone for DJ set)
  6. Ende Hadge. (Eternal Winter) (clone for DJ set)
  7. Dron Torna Rouna! (Autumn In Me!) (clone for live depression)
  8. Larten Tar Rouna Gaidan. (Suicide of My Death) (original clone for live depression)
This release by Gorduw is a compilation of remixed tracks from "Gan Sensory", "Toxin" and "Dialectics Tar Diokihtis". I haven't heard "Toxin", but in comparison with "Gan Sensory" & "Dialectics Tar Diokihtis" the sound on "Deve Irio" is much more polished and danceable - more like dark electro than rhythmic noise. If you haven't heard anything by Gorduw before, then it would be better to start from this release.

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