Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rakoth - "Planeshift" [1999]

Artist: Rakoth
Title: Planeshift
Label: Code666
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 1999

Track list:
  1. Planeshift (Introduction)
  2. Fear (Wasn't in the Design)
  3. Noldor Exodus
  4. The Dark Heart of Uukrul
  5. Og'Elend
  6. Planeshift
  7. Gorthaur Aulendil
  8. Mountain God
  9. The Unquiet Grave
  10. Outro
And finally, my favourite Russian metal release EVER. It's very hard to classify the music of Rakoth, but in my opinion it's progressive/power metal with some BM and folk overtones (and no, I don't mean "slavonic folk"...) It's not black metal (though there's a lot of BM-ish parts) and it's definitely nowhere near doom metal (yes, I've seen even such label for Rakoth), and I'd say it's much more "intelligent" than "brutal". So if you want something like Cannibal Corpse, look somewhere else. But if you like Symphony X or Vintersorg, you most probably will like "Planeshift" by Rakoth. The metal scene in Russia mostly sucks (and, unfortunately, not only metal), but Rakoth is an exception. "Planeshift" is very well-played and has beautufil flute melodies. I especially like tracks from #2 to #5, and "Gothaur Aulendul" (my favourite one on this album). The lyrics are based on fantasy literature (more specifically, Tolkien's writings), and the band's name was taken from a book by Nik Perumov. As for me, I don't like fantasy in general, and I find Perumov's books absolutely unreadable, but it doesn't prevent me from enjoying the music of Rakoth.

"Feel yourself different, never felt home here
Always a stranger, you're fire in snow...
See - they're afraid of you, you always scared them
Seeds of true vision in hearts and minds you will sow

Live, burn in your flame and love
Love to the earth and the stars
But the first thing you've made
was the dagger of steel..."
(- "Gothaur Aulendil")

And I have to repeat - don't miss this release, if you like really good "not-so-true" metal. I think it's the best release of such kind produced in Russia or other ex-USSR countries. Moreover, Rakoth managed to release "Planeshift" on a relatively big world-class label (Code666), so I think it isn't hard to buy it in the western countries. Anyway, it's available for free on the internet... for example, on, or right here:

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  1. Fear (Wasn't in the Design) is the best song. I listened to it from a compilation.