Monday, December 27, 2010

Roncsipar / Drone'Osh Tot - "Echoes of Fission City" [2008]

Artist: Roncsipar / Drone'Osh Tot
Title: Echoes of Fission City
Genre: Industrial Rock/Metal (Roncsipar) / Harsh Noise (Drone'Osh Tot)
Country: Hungary
Release date: 2008

Track List:
Roncsipar: "Mini Assemblage"
  1. Mini Assemblage
  2. Rotterdami Erasmus
  3. Radio Obscura (instrumentális változat)
  4. Kibera II
Drone'Osh Tot: "Ajándék"
  1. Intro / Téged Is Vár A Gyár
  2. Drone'Osh Tot Nóta
  3. Harmadik Műszak
  4. -
I haven't planned to post anything here at least until the new year, but this is an amazing find. What can I say about Roncsipar? They're like Hungarian Godflesh / Fall Of Because, but much better. Of course they can't be compared to Gire or Thy Catafalque, but they still are playing exactly "my" kind of music. As for Drone'Osh Tot, they're fine too, but only if you like harsh noise/drone. However, I can't compare them with other Hungarian noise projects, because I didn't know about any other Hungarian harsh noise acts before (if not to mention Hunyadi P.H.)

And moreover, this split is officially FREE for download! Just like the other releases by Roncsipar, though (or at least most of them). The archive contains the music in 256 kbps mp3 format + all the artwork. Long live copyleft!

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  1. Cheers + thanks for the positive words!

    We've had two recent releases coming out from the same recording sessions as Mini Assemblage.

    Courbet Assemblage:

    News from Outside the Rotation Tunnel: