Monday, November 15, 2010

Terror Art (Romania) - complete discography

Artist: Terror Art
Title: 2 albums + some unreleased tracks
Genre: Anarcho-Punk / Post-Punk / Oi-Wave
Country: Romania
Release date: 1999-2000

Track List:
  1. Cu plamini de noroi
  2. De-as ave aun iatagan
  3. Dreptul la existenta
  4. Lasati ne sa respiram
  5. V-ati intrebat de ce?
  6. Virsta maturitati
  7. Voi meritati sa fiti negati
  8. Cuie galbene
  9. Erori umane
  10. Homo mioriticus
  11. Inoculand-ti zilnic
  12. Kosovo nu-i benzinarie
  13. Nu spune nu
  14. Puliver in tara liliputanilor
  15. Rezista
  16. Senatorii melcilor
  17. Tara tuturor posibilitatilor
  18. Zodia cameleonilor
  19. Artelere
  20. Copii sunt aruncati la gunoi
  21. With the bullet in her head
All I know about Terror Art is their biography entry on "Romanian punk band formed in Craiova, during 1991, initially named Blockhead Busters, that very naturally mixed punk music with gothic and post-punk elements. Their strong political anti-capitalist, anti-communist and anti-fascist message is present in both albums, “Plamani de Noroi” (1999) and “Baricada Antifa” (2000), and evoke the powerful adjacent movement in Craiova, Romania, often using lyrics written by contemporary Romanian poet, Ionel Ciupureanu. Due to their antiestablishment lyrics, Terror Art was for years banned in their home city, Craiova".

Well, of course it isn't Paris Violence, but they do use a lot of new wave and gothic rock elements in their music, so if you like PV, you'll like at least some tracks by Terror Art. My favourite ones are "Stereotip", "Cuie Galbene" (which has pretty funny vocals, and even some overtones of ska), and "With the Bullet in Her Head". Honestly I'm surprised to see such innovative and politically charged band to come from Romania... Even though there's a fair share of interesting progressive rock bands from Romania - Luna Amara, Travka (Russians, please try not to smile at this name! ;)), Kumm, to name a few - Romanian punk scene is very scarce, and it doesn't look like Terror Art's ideology enjoys much support in there. However, TA aren't an unique phenomenon - many other Romanian punk bands (Radical Din Van, Critica Radicala) also play music highly influenced by new wave and post-punk...


  1. Unde pot se găsi versuri Zodiei cameleonilor? (Scuzămă pt greselii gramatice, nu vrobesc/scriu prea mulţ româneşte:)

    1. Le am eu pe toate dacă le mai cauţi.

    2. Old post, ik:D, dar daca mai e valabila oferta din comentariul anterior, as dori si eu versurile ^^

  2. (Tried to comment at least three times but I can't see it)

    All albums are missing their 8th track. Can you re-upload them please?

    1. In the case of the second album even the 12th track is missing.