Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paris Violence - "L'Âge de Glace" [2001]

Artist: Paris Violence
Title: L'Age de Glace
Label: Islika Productions
Genre: Gothic Rock / Post-Punk / Streetpunk
Country: France
Release date: 2001

Track list:
  1. Le Crépuscule Des Idoles
  2. Douche Froide
  3. Psykhouchka
  4. Troisieme Nuit Dans La Bagnole
  5. Raison D'Etat
  6. Dans La Tourmente
  7. Non Conforme
  8. Dur D'Etre Un Ange
  9. Demi-Saison
  10. Aurore Glaciale
If you can't get enough of Amesoeurs' first and only album, here's some more French music which has very simular atmosphere. Meet Paris Violence, my favourite French rock band.

Paris Violence started in 1994 as oi/skinhead rock band, but their sound quickly became much more darker and gothic-influenced. Now they're playing an unique mix of streetpunk and gothic metal, with a lot of keyboards. As for "L'Âge de Glace" ("The Ice Age"), it's roughly 50/50 mix of punk and gothic rock/coldwave (I guess we can call it "oi-wave" ;)) with lots of keyboard too. Tracks like "Dur d'etre un ange" ("Hard to be an angel") even remind me of synthpop - probably because of vocals.

And where else can you find an oi/streetpunk band with lyrics influenced by writings of Baudelaire, Stirner, and Nietzsche? Yes, "Le Crépuscule Des Idoles" means "Twilight of the Idols"... and "Psykhouchka" is indeed about the punitive psychiatry! I'll upload the complete discography of this unique band a little later. Such a shame they're so little known outside France, and even I found them just by accident...

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