Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Schiz - "Voj Pyr" [2016]

Artist: Schiz
Title: Voj Pyr
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Russia (Komi)
Year: 2010

Track List:
  1. Pemdöm
  2. Kor loktöny najö
  3. Antus
  4. Us'ködchöm
  5. Kulöm gizhöd
  6. S'öd pytshkös
  7. Jöktöm bipur doryn
  8. Sin'töm yaj
  9. Yuköm
  10. Kyk dzhyn
  11. Enlön chuzhöm
  12. Yugdöm
  13. Me tehnö lyja (bonus)
Schiz are a death metal trio formed in 2012 in a small village in the far north of Komi Republic, near Izhma (one of the few places where the Komi language is still spoken daily). Other than being probably the only metal band with lyrics in Komi (Vör's lyrics are in Russian), they're not partucularly original when it comes to music, but good to know that people from such a remote area are trying. "Voj Pyr" (which means "Through the forest" if I'm not mistaken) is their 5th album, so they're quite productive as well.

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