Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mezolit - "m13" [2012]

Artist: Mezolit
Title: m13
Genre: Alternative Metal, Metalcore
Country: Russia
Year: 2012

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. История
  3. Дай мне день
  4. На краю земли
  5. m13
  6. Дотла
  7. Помоги мне
  8. Падаем
  9. Нас больше нет
  10. В моих руках
  11. Outro
  12. На краю земли (acoustic)
  13. Падаем (acoustic)
  14. Море (2016)
  15. И вспыхнет пламя (2016)
I usually avoid listening to anything that has "Russian alternative" in the genre description, because it's more than likely to be another poor Linkin Park clone for teenagers. However, I checked out this band solely because of the name, and wasn't disappointed. "M13" turned out to be alternative metal / melodic metalcore of the variety that was very popular during the first half of 2010s, with dual male and female vocals. The female vocals, performed by Polina Sitnikova, are predominant, and they're quite good. The quality of production is a bit poor by 2010s' standards, but still okay.

No idea if the band is still active by now, when this sort of melodic metalcore is largey out of style. The last news from them were from 2016, when they recorded two new tracks which were much better produced than the early ones, and in my opinion are the best out of all they have recorded. I decided to include them too:

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