Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Homosexuals - s/t [2004]

Artist: The Homosexuals
Title: The Homosexuals' CD
Genre: Post-Punk, Art-Punk
Country: UK
Release date: 2004

Track List: 
  1. My Night Out
  2. Technique Street
  3. Vociferous Slam
  4. Soft South Africans (Slow)
  5. Neutron Lover
  6. A Million Keys
  7. Naming Of Parts
  8. Kiss With Venom
  9. Divorce Proceedings (From Reality)
  10. Hearts In Exile
  11. All About Cheap
  12. Soft South Africans (Fast)
  13. False Sentiments
  14. Mecho Madness
  15. Astral Glamour
  16. The Birds Have Risen
  17. Collapsible You
  18. Snapshots Of Nairobi
  19. Hearts In Exile (45 Version)
  20. Walk Before Imitate
  21. Still Living In My Car
"The Homosexuals (and they were beaten up for it too), existed in London squatland from 1972, and recorded mostly to mono cassettes for themselves and friends. Hardly releasing anything in their lifetime, except a couple of singles and an e.p. between 1978 and 1982; this record collects the releases and selected highlights from the bucketload of cassettes they recorded... Their angular guitars, complex melodies, and experimental leanings distanced them somewhat from the punk rock being created by their contemporaries, and has now cemented them as uk DIY legends. So much so that they(Bruno Wizard and backing band!) have now reformed and are touring"

I personally have discovered this band through (and judging from the shoutbox there, a lot of people are still upset by their name, lol). Leaving aside their name, their music is actually quite interesting, and indeed sets them apart from the mass of other British post-punk bands that emerged during the late 1970s.

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