Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kraftwerk - "Die Mensch-Maschine" [1978]

Artist: Kraftwerk
Title: Die Mensch-Maschine
Genre: Electronic, Techno
Country: Germany
Release date: 1978

Track List: 
  1. Die Roboter
  2. Spacelab
  3. Metropolis
  4. Das Model
  5. Neonlicht
  6. Die Mensch-Maschine
Bonus Tracks:
  1. Die Roboter (Single Edit)
  2. Spacelab (Single Edit)
  3. Neonlicht (Single Version)
  4. Die Mensch-Maschine (Remix)
  5. Die Mensch-Maschine (Album Edit)
  6. Das Model (Live)
This album might be not the most obvious choice to post on the Cosmonautics' Day, but it isn't completely unrelated either. Back in the time, it was considered one of the most futuristic and innovative recordings, not to mention being an immensely influental release on the early electronic (particularly synthpop) music scene. However, it's much more simplistic and accessible to an average listener than most earlier works by Kraftwerk, especially when it comes to the tracks like "Das Model".

The visual style of Kraftwerk as it was presented on the cover art of this album, primarily based on the aesthetics of constructivism, also had a great influence on the image of many later industrial and synthpop bands. Overall, this is an awesome classic albums that shouldn't be missed, especially if you're interested in sci-fi and transhumanist themes in art. I personally recommend this (original) version of "Die Mensch-Maschine", with most of the lyrics in German (and, at times, Russian). The Enghish versions of the same songs ("The Robots", "The Model", "Neon Lights" etc.) just don't have the same effect on me.

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