Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kraftwerk - "Kraftwerk II" [1971]

Artist: Kraftwerk
Title: Kraftwerk 2
Genre: Krautrock, Ambient
Country: Germany
Release date: 1971

Track List: 
  1. Klingklang
  2. Atem
  3. Strom
  4. Spule 4
  5. Wellenlänge
  6. Harmonika
The follow-up to the debut album of Kraftwerk was released on Philips in 1971 (some sources say 1972), and, like in the case with its predecessor, the musicians didn't bother to give it a title - so, nowadays it's known just as "Kraftwerk 2". It's much more meditative and hypnotic than the debut album, akin to the "Berlin school" of mid-70s krautrock (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze). This album can be seen as something in between with Kraftwerk's krautrock debur and their later electronic stuff ("Autobahn" etc.).

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