Friday, March 7, 2014

Perihelion - "Nap Fele Néz" [2014]

Artist: Perihelion
Title: Nap Fele Néz
Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Country: Hungary
Year: 2014

Track List:
  1. Nap Fele Néz
  2. Élj
  3. Verőfény (VHK cover)
I have zero information on this Hungarian band and their previous releases (if there are any at all), so I guess this EP is their debut release. It actually was very little to do with black metal, being more similar stylistically to latest two releases of Thy Catafalque than to anything else (imagine Thy Catafalque playing covers of VHK, and you'll get the idea). For a debut release it's very good: excellent atmosphere and melodies, clean vocals performed in an unusual style, and a quality of songwriting only slightly lower than on "Rengeteg" by Thy Catafalque. Certainly recommended for all admirers of the Hungarian avant-garde metal scene.

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