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Cracked Core - "2009-2012 Highlights" [2013]

Artist: Cracked Core
Title: 2009-2012 Highlights
Genre: Ambient, Noise, IDM
Country: Russia
Year: 2013

Track List:
  1. Breakpoint [Remix by (Project) Ritual Noise]
  2. Radio:martial [tribal mix]
  3. Spice Trip
  4. Restored Signatures
  5. Blue warm water [cut edit] (feat. Sergrunt)
  6. Split Effect
  7. Memory Error [Hardcore Remix by Terror Panicus]
  8. Birds from empty north (feat. Sergrunt) 
  9. Blackdays / Dogdays [clean version]
  10. Ma$$ Media (feat. Brandkommando) 
  11. Stand Alone
  12. SoAT [End Credits rmx by Kazdalevsky]
Unfortunately, the "Cracked Core" project is closed by now, and there will be no new releases anymore (at least under this moniker) - mostly because its creator is dissatisfied with the quality of his songwriting, plus he's more interested in producing stuff like breakcore and hip-hop right now. However, there's some previously unreleased material left, which I'm going to post soon to.

This release is a compilation of remixes and remastered tracks from six Cracked Core's albums released during 2009-2012. It was intended to be a summary of all CC's creative output, but after completing the process of mastering he was left disappointed with the result. Personally I think it's his perfectionism speaking, but this compilation indeed could be better - mostly because he had lost the sources for some of his best tracks, thus being unable to remaster them.

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